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 The ministries of the church are designed to fulfill the purposes of the church in evangelism, worship, fellowship, discipleship and soul winning. Church ministries provide avenues for each individual Christian to become an active partner in the infrastructure of the church. Our ministries are:

AYS - The Adventist Youth Society works for, with and through the young. The youth are lead to Christ and trained for the Lord's work. Ministry Director: Sihoban Gordon

Children's Church - Helps young children develop their relationship with Christ and feeds and nurtures the young lambs. Ministry DirectorAngella Webb

Church Clerk - The Church Clerk assists in the smooth operation of the church by maintaining accurate record, membership count and record the church's official business decisions. Ministry Director: Jennifer Graham

Communications - Communication uses print, sound, video to carry the everlasting gospel into the entire world. They also inform the church of newsworthy events. 
Ministry Director: Kenise Henry

Deaconess - Deaconesses care for the sick, the needy and the unfortunate. They co-operate with the deacons in this work. They assist in the Lord's Supper and baptism. Ministry Director: Deaconess Deloris Clarke

Deacons - The deacons have responsibility for the care of church property. They assist in the ordinances of the church. They visit the sick and poor. 
Ministry Director: Deacon Francis Desire

Elders - The local church elders provide spiritual Leadership. He or she must have a good reputation outside and inside the church. The elders lead worship services, nurture and encourage members, and ensure the church thrives. Elders also assist the pastor by visiting sick, shut in members. Ministry Director: Elder Robert Webb

Health Ministry - Educates desirable habits and practices of good health whereby the immune system is strengthened, disease lessened or prevented and the body preserved in health. Ministry Director: Dr. Jeanine Bookhart-Murray 

Men's Ministry - The Men's Ministry engages the men of the church in spiritual activities geared towards the community as well as the improvement of the lives of the members. It is hoped that this will bring about a closer, spiritual church family. 
Ministry Director: Dalbert Watson

Music Ministry - Music Ministry enhances the quality of worship with music to honor and glorify God and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ through song.
 Ministry Director: Jessica Thomas

Personal Ministries - The Sabbath School is the teaching arm of the church. It engages our members in the systematic study of the word of God. Ministry Director: Mark McDonald

Sabbath School - The Sabbath School is the teaching arm of the church. It engages our members in the systematic study of the word of God. Ministry Director: Louise White 
This department provide the church with information and programs to inspire pastors and members to financial faithfulness. Ministry Director:Velma Walker

Media/Technology - This department exists to serve all other ministries in the church by providing  technical expertise on the web, video broadcast and audio.
 Ministry Director: Bro. Glen

Treasurer - The Church Treasurer is the custodian of all church funds, conference funds and funds belonging to auxiliary organizations. Ministry Director: Cynthia Howson 

Ushers - The Ushers strive to make each person's worship experience meaningful and pleasant. From bulletin distribution to seat assignment, their quiet role ensures order in the sanctuary. Ministry Director: 

Women's Ministry - Their mission addresses issues of concern to women and assist in advancing the church's mission by supporting and encouraging women to realize their full potential as vessels to be used by the Master. Ministry Director: Marise Piere Louis


Family Life - Family life ministry focuses on people in relationships. It is concerned with the needs of married couples, parents, family needs of singles, male, female and children. The main purpose is to support the family as a whole. Healthy people make up healthy families and healthy communities. Promoting the physical, emotional, mental,social and spiritual health is foremost. Ministry Director: Clinton & Beryl Boxhill

First Seventh-day Adventist Church Of White Plains
​180 Juniper Hill Rd
White Plains, NY
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