First Seventh Day Adventist Church Of White Plains
Valtricts Binns
The Final Days....

No longer will it be just within the physical structure of the church, it can be viewed in many media formats including your mobile devices. We want to make this Revelation Seminar about you, your church members, as well as your community! 

Watch in many formats
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Flexibility is not a problem: Whether you are in attendance,  watching the series on the internet, or your mobile device, the series will be uploaded daily  to make the series convenient & readily available at all times. Making it easier to host at a comfortable time for your friends and relatives to watch
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Third Dynamic Week

Sunday, June 2
Revelation’s Seal of God

Tuesday, June 4
Revelation’s Day of Worship

Thursday, June 6
God Sets a Date for
the Judgment

Saturday, June 8
Revelation’s Lake of Fire
Fourth Dynamic Week

Sunday, June 9
The Mark of the Beast

Tuesday, June 11
Mystic Babylon,the Great Harlot

Thursday, June 13
The Seven Plagues of Revelation

Saturday, June 15
Righteousness by Faith