First Seventh-day Adventist Church Of White Plains
180- Juniper Hill Rd 
White Plains, New York
914 949-6874
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Board of Elders:
Dalbert Watson, First Elder (914-649-6338)
Fitzroy Harris (914-621-6322)
Newton Howson (914-588-6157)
Lanslott Peart (917-319-1581)
Yohance Perry (914-803-2402)
Malcolm Phillips (914-227-0180)
Donald Webb (914-758-3142)
Arlene Williamson (914-548-5292)

Head Deacon:Clinton Boxhill (914-815-1428)
Head Deaconess:Delores Clarke (914 448-9225)

Head Clerk:Felicia Ennis (  
Communications: Bro. Glen (